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 Posted: Tue Mar 13th, 2018 11:14 pm
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Reg H

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I have not done a good job of tracking the locomotive numbers and their circumstances.  John Taubeneck probably knows the details.

The museum is plugging along.  They got possession of the turntable and were able to move it out to Mill 5.  They hope to build a pit for it.

I see their big hurdle as being money.   I think they started with the idea that the City of Shelton would throw in some money.   Given the city finances, the current commissioners, and the high risk nature of the venture, that is not going to happen.  

A few months back they had about $1,000 of track supplies stolen.  They had to hit Facebook with a plea for money in order to replace the stolen goods.  If $1,000 is a big hit, they are in a major up hill battle. 

If they are going to get the trackwork back into condition, establish some kind of terminal facilities, and acquire suitable rolling stock they need a couple of big roller donors.  Someone who can contribute millions.   

I think it is a noble venture.  But it is very high risk and I don't have much hope.


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