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 Posted: Sat Mar 24th, 2018 04:55 pm
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Tank You SI
Here a translation of the summary.

4     Introduction
7     Layout Plan
8     The locals
10   Tooling
12   The structure os the layout
14   Tracks and their accessories
24   Cabling and digital
26   The scenery and vegetation
       The background, the ground, the rocks, the grass, the bushes,
       the firs, trees with thyme, trees in zeeschuim, water, the river, the lake,
       paths, structures and tunnel
40   The rolling stock of the Company
48   The ferry
50   Buildings
62   Vehicles and machines
       Cars and pickups, trucks and coaches, tractors
       and other agricultural equipment, machinery, Donkeys, wrecks
68   The figures
74   Accessories and details
       Electric and telephone lines, radiators, cardboard, logs cable car,
       pallet trucks, and pallets, a market, etc.
84   Lighting
86   Photos, Helicon Focus software
88   The mistakes not to commit
90   Some techniques and other little tricks

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