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 Posted: Tue Apr 3rd, 2018 04:04 am
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Tony M

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Hope everyone had a great Easter, I have made some more progress on my ship build started on the hardest part of the Bow side closing in the raised deck, not an easy task, have to deal with the steep angle and the curve of the weather shelter cover. GladIam building the first model out of cardboard sheeting can afford to waste a bit, even though I am working from the ships plan still hard to work out how everything fits , like challengers.

Have also decided on the bridge build, modeled on a single stay bridge, but mine be a double deck bridge, based on a bridge in England Mersley river  Gateway bridge in wales I think, you might know Si???.

Weather isn't much good today left over from that syclone, hope to cut the rest of the tower out of 12 mm ply 3 inches square, do the cutting between rain showers, I think I will put the bridge in with the ship since the ship be part of the scene.
Going to take a while to build the ship, once I get past the Bow section the rest of the ship is quite easy to build , straight  hull sides even the stern is a square shape,not rounded.
Tony from wet down under.

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