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 Posted: Sun Apr 29th, 2018 06:16 pm
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First image shows the front of the TIU (track interface unit).
It had to be mounted at the 45 degree angle to get it to fit inside the boxcar, and its tight.

Second image is of the battery connection panel on the control car.
The TIU and WIU are both switched.
The circuit board above the switches converts the 18V from the battery to 5V to power the WIU.

The third image shows the engine connection panel.
Power/control (DCS) connect to the engine from here, and can be switched on/off.

The fourth image shows the back side of the WIU board, and connecting cables between the TIU and WIU.

The fifth image shows the other end of the WIU.
The WPS button and antenna coax are visible, and can be accessed from the sliding boxcar door on that side.
Note that there is a RESET button in the middle top of the board.
It had a 1" tall "button" that I had to cut off to about 1/4" to keep it from interfering with the backside of the TIU board.

The sixth image is of the front of the battery boxcar and rear of the control boxcar.
Note the use of Anderson PowerPole connectors.

The seventh image is the front end of the control boxcar, ie. the engine attachment point.


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