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 Posted: Sat May 5th, 2018 10:52 am
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Has anyone done any serious work on wireless charging on board yet? I've found a few set of tx and Rx chips and coils that would be suitable and will charge upto 600mah. However most of the coils diameters are to wide to fit between the wheels (HO and UK proto scale 4mm). 


But TDK sell wireless charging coils designed for wearable devices. These coils are either round or oblong and will fit between the wheels. 

Seperate coils

However I'm not great with electronic theory and unsure whether it would be possible to swap the coils over and whether it would even work. I use mainly 1s lipo cells and I have a few small locos with low mah/size cells,  for which wireless charging would be a huge time saver. 
Most of the TDK coils state output at between 1&3W but can't find much info on the coils in the tx/Rx module sets. 
Any one have experience or the knowledge to put me straight? 

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Thanks for your time

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