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 Posted: Mon May 7th, 2018 03:34 am
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Dave, your post regarding on board wireless charging caught my attention. I've been working on this project for over 2 yrs. I'm at the point of adding the required parts to a 1S Li-ion powered GP35 road switcher. The system appears to work very nicely.

Magnetic induction charging applied to HO models is complex. I've had to consider power levels (3W,5W), coil sizes and types, Tx/Rx board sizing, coil spacing and efficiencies, EMF shielding, parts interoperability, integrating charging and BPRC circuitry and fitting OBWC components into an already crowded environment. Testing and evaluating the data to determine an approach has taken considerable time. Outsourcing of parts to accomplish this was also time consuming. Companies such as Texas Instruments, IDT, Wurth Electronics, Digi-Key and the Wireless Power Consortium have been a great source of needed information, one loaning me test equipment for evaluation. Below is a photo of some of the components that will be used for a charging track and the fuel tank mounted electronics.

Many thanks for starting a dialogue on this important topic. The only "fly in the ointment" for me is major surgery scheduled for later this month, so model trains will shortly be on the back burner, hopefully temporarily.


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