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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2018 12:53 am
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Hello again,

Here is an update on my layout.

I tend to move from one project to another as I get bored and want to see results.
One thing that is not organized is my workbench which is currently on my layout.
This is the main yard area where the roundhouse will be and the largest town, well someday anyway.

I am now working on scenery.
I use foam insulation as a base as it is easily carved although it can make a mess.
Then I cover it with Sculptamold, rock castings or plaster cloth.

Here is a view of two trestles in the distance before being covered with anything.

I'm trying to get a lot of the grunt work done before I start laying track,
which means rough scenery only as long as it won't interfere with any wiring or with building switches.

And after it was covered with Sculptamold.

The track closest to the viewer is the Gilpin HOn30 trackage to the Frontenac mill.
I need to cut back the log ties and the throw bar on the stub turnout as this is not quite working yet.

Here is the large trestle going over what will be a river.
The C&S had no such trestle,
but I liked it as it is a smaller version of what modeler Earl Smallshaw had on his layout which I first saw as a 15 year old.
He lived close by and I made many visits throughout the years.

I made a mockup of the Stanley mine from Harry Brunk's plan in the Gazette.
I originally planned for something else to go here but changed my mind and like this better.

I think that cloud painting is next on the list before I get to the backdrop painting of hills while everything is still accessible.

And here is a closeup from below.

The foundation footings are wood then covered with textured paint from Home Depot,
and will need to be sanded down and then weathered.
They will mostly disappear when covered with rock.

Here is the small trestle.

I am scribing in lines to represent the board forms for the concrete.
After weathering you will barely see them but I can sleep better at night.

Ha! The mine was not on the C&S but I liked it.
It is a Builders in Scale kit from many years ago and is still not complete.
It needs cable to the tower and some other things.

The buildings are just for placement.
This is the smallest village and there will just be some basic stores.

Here is the road leading in to town from over the hill.
I am currently building a retaining wall which was very common to the area.

The coke ovens are from Trains of Texas.
I had been trying to find an HO version of these for at least 20 years.
I just found some on eBay by sheer luck. 

That's it for now.

Happy modeling,


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