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 Posted: Sun May 20th, 2018 06:59 pm
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Tom Ward


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I'm just getting started laying track by hand on my On30 layout.
I'm using Fast Tracks for the switches but everything else will be hand laid.

I have several questions:

1)  Is it worth the effort to add wood grain to the upper surface of the ties?

2)  I was planning to stain all the ties before gluing them down.
I've seen some videos where the ties get glued down first and then stained,
but they were in HO scale and the ties were closer together.
Any thoughts?

3)  I'm using ME code 70 non-weathered rail.
Would it be best to paint the rail before spiking it down?

This is a dead rail layout, so wiring and power are not an issue.

- Tom

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