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 Posted: Thu May 24th, 2018 04:17 pm
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Hi EBT  :wave:

Thanks for your 'diagnosis' as a HOPPER !  :thumb:

As I said, I didn't recall where I got the photo on the previous << Page from.

But with 'hopper' plus 'B&O Museum', I was able to find some more photos of these cars.

They do have a PAIR at the B&O Museum.

This rather super photo, is labelled as taken at Martinsburg in 1858.  L:

An interesting tender behind & 'camelbacks' as well.

The roundhouse looks a tiny bit like the B&O Museum as well ...

... I suppose many did though !  :P

The search-term 'B&O Iron Pot Coal Hopper' or similar ...

... will turn up photos for those who like funky junk like this !  :)

I wonder if Jose has done a Lionel-BASH of one of these already ?  ;)




' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

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