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 Posted: Fri Jun 1st, 2018 05:20 pm
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Reg H

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I love DCC, but I am an old guy still getting used to all this new fangled stuff.

I am running a Digitrax DB150 Command Station and DT402 throttle.  I am programming through the throttle.

I just plugged a Digitrax DH126P into a DCC-ready Kato GP-35.  With the factory default settings I encountered no problems.  

However, when I went to change the decoder address, I ran into some problems.   I want to use four digit addressing.  On my current layout I am running diesels, Great Northern and Burlington Northern, all of which have four digit road numbers. So the four digit addressing is the most convenient. 

When I changed the address on this decoder to 3040, the only thing that worked was the front head light.  I couldn't reverse and the locomotive would not run.  So I went in and programmed CV08 to 008, restoring factory defaults.

After remembering to turn track power back on and requesting address 03, everything worked fine.  

Went through the same routine a second time with the same result.  

So, I programmed the address 40.   The locomotive ran fine.  In fact, better than fine.  Keep in mind I had changed nothing but the address.  But the locomotive started at a much lower speed than with the defaults and had a longer throttle response.  I liked that very much.  It appears that the programming automatically set up a throttle response curve.  

But neither headlight works.  I programmed CV61 to 00.  Still no lights.  

What am I missing?

My objective is to use four digit addressing and have auto reversing headlights.  

Currently I have two digit addressing and no lights.

Thanks in advance.


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