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 Posted: Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 02:25 pm
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The great part about Digitrax is that it can so a lot of things.  The downside is that means the learning curve is steeper than other system.

First things first, I would check to make sure you have everything set up properly for programming.  You need an electrically isolated programming track when service mode programming because the signal is not specific to a particular decoder.  Without a programming track, all the locomotives respond and it becomes a mess.

To change an address, I'll summarize what digitrax says:

Step 1: place the locomotive on an electrically isolated programming track

Step 2: Press the "PROG" key to enter programming mode.

Step 3: adjust the Variable being changed by turning the "L" knob in either direction.  Turn the knob until you find the variable "Ad2", this is the two digit addressing feature.  You want 4 digit addressing, which can be accessed by pressing down on the "R" knob once, the display should then read, "Ad4==".

Step 4: Change the programming mode to the best setting for the decoder being used.  For recent Digitrax decoders, Direct Programming mode is recommended.  Toggle between programming modes using the "PROG" key. 

Step 5: Enter the address with the keypad.  You can use the knobs, but it's easier just to punch it in.

Step 6: Press the enter key and the throttle should display "Ad2=0wr" for two digit addressing or "Ad4=0wr" for four digit addressing.  A blinking square should follow.  This is the throttle adjusting the decoder.  Once done, 2 digit addressing is complete, but 4 digit addressing has an additional step:

Step 7: (4 digit addressing only):  The throttle will display "Ad4on?=y"  This is asking you to program CV29 to 038 so that the decoder will work on 128 speed steps.  Press "Y +" key to automatically set CV29 to 038.  This needs to be done within 6 seconds or the throttle will make you do it over.

Before exiting, there's a footnote for those using a DB150 as a command station.  Track power needs to be turned back on before the programming has been completed, press "PWR" then "Y +" and then "PWR" again.

After this, then you can press "EXIT" to get out of programming mode.

This is how I've interpreted the directions according to Digitrax.  I hope this can help solve your issue.

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