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 Posted: Sat Jun 2nd, 2018 04:38 pm
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Reg H

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I have been all through that.  Though I was not aware of the six second time frame on programming CV29.  

I will check up on that one.  I might have waited too long figuring out what I was supposed to do.  

I have a programming track set up.  That really isn't an issue right now.  I have only one locomotive with a decoder in it, out of 23.  Obviously, I want to get all the bugs worked out on this one before tackling all the others.  Few of the remaining locomotives are DCC ready, so I will be getting into the modifications necessary to convert non-DCC ready locomotives to DCC.  

I used DCC on my previous On30 layout.  All those locomotives had the decoders installed by Bachmann.  I only used two-digit programming because all the locomotives had two-digit road numbers.  

I woke up at 2:00AM this morning wondering if I had restored track power after programming.  I think I did.  I obviously did when I used the two-digit programming.  Its a sure thing the loco is not going far without track power. 

I am a bit frustrated that Digitrax changes other characteristics when an address change is made.  Obviously, when I programmed the decoder to address 40, the power curve changed, as did the control scheme for the lights.  The changes work fine, but I would like to be the one who makes them.  

Thanks for the help.  


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