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 Posted: Mon Jun 4th, 2018 10:15 am
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Hi Tom  :wave:

Sounds like a GREAT plan for the ties.  :old dude:

Is it working out ?  ???

I have all sorts of 'Artists' paints, in both oil, acrylic & watercolour.  [whack]

But I mainly habitually buy 'Humbrol' Enamel paints.

Probably got addicted to the fumes when I was 10 !  ;)

A recent 'top-tip' I got, for a NICE 'straight outta the pot' rusty-iron-raily type of colour ...

... strangely enough ...

... was the 'Humbrol' Enamel colour 'LEATHER', which is a kinda old looking brown/rust hue.

Saw it used on some seriously RUSTED steelworks wagons.

It looked really ... Erm ... Well ... RUSTY !  :P

The 'Humbrol' has really DENSE PIGMENT ...

... which can help stop the 'metal-shine' from showing through, even after just ONE coat.  :thumb:




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