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 Posted: Wed Jun 6th, 2018 11:48 am
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"  I've done that alteration for two locos years ago.
The caveat is that there's only one channel stick ( usually the left vertical one ) that stays put in the position you push it to,
the others are all of the return-to-neutral type.

I think I've described already in this forum how to modify that for two-loco operation,
i.e. make the right vertical stick a shift-type, too.

It is easy to bind two receivers to the same transmitter, provided you use separate ESCs with them.
There's channels 1&3 for one (left) loco, and channels 2&4 for the other (right ) loco.

The idea is NOT that you run two locos simultaneously, except when doubleheading maybe,
but to minimize the number of transmitters to use when operating singe-handed.
It is just fun to have two locos run alternatively for some complicated switching and the like."

Hi Helmut  :wave:

Is this basically what you have done ?

It looks interesting ... Kinda 'stick-shift' styleee !  :pimp:

Nice looking metalwork.  :thumb:

I'm guessing it's aluminium perhaps ?  ???

Maybe 'double-sided-taped' over the control ?  L:

:brill: :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill:



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