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 Posted: Fri Jun 8th, 2018 10:06 am
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" can anybody tell me how the Mad Munkey or Master Cho mods. differ from this Bad Wolf ? "

Hi Guys  :wave:

Sorry, but I've absolutely NO IDEA what a 'Mad Munkey' or 'Master Cho' is whatsoever ?:us:

But ... THIS is a 'Bad Wolf' !  :moose:

There seems to be a whole sub-culture of crazy-hip-kids out there ...

... making & modding radio-controlled SKATEBOARDS !  :shocked:

A very large number of them are using 'FlySky' R.C. components, mostly 'modded'.  :brill:

The 'Bad Wolf' ^^ above is a D.I.Y. homemade $4!7 3D-printed handset case, by Mr Wolf !

The board used is 'similar' to the GT2 (12-Volt) one Helmut modded & the GT2E (6-Volt) one, in this Thread ...

... but is in fact a later-generation board, from the GT2B (3.7-Volt) Transmitter.  :cool:

There are a TON of other 3D-printed handset designs out there as well ...

... but hip SK8ER kid 'Mr Bad Wolf' has aced it ! ... In the world of R.C. skateboards at least !  ;)




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