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 Posted: Sun Jun 17th, 2018 07:51 am
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I used this photo of the control panel at the Diamond Tunnel mine in Nevada to create the electrical control panel for the model:

I started by importing a copy of the photo into Photoshop, where I retouched it, cleaned it up, straightened it out, and cropped it. Then I printed it onto self-adhesive vinyl. I mounted this on 6mm Sintra. I also printed a second copy to use as a guide in making some details that would stand out in 3D. I mounted these on 1mm Sintra, and cut them out:

I added some thicker pieces of Sintra as needed, and sanded them to shape. Then I glued the details to the main panel:

Next I cut out the slots for the switch levers, and removed the remaining vinyl. I also added some dials made from slices of styrene rod:

The switch levers were made from brass and glued in place:

Next I made a frame for the control panel, using styrene strips and a piece of heavy brass screen:

I painted the frame, and also painted the switches and other details to match the photographic print. Then I glued the control panel into the frame, and glued the entire assembly into the building's interior:


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