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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2018 02:10 am
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" OK the tank measurement in British Units of Measure "

Hi    Ken  :wave:  Eh!

Thanks very mucho  :mex:  Amigo, for the tank measurements.  :)

I must have LASER EYESIGHT !  :shades:

I was only a 1/16th out on the length 'guesstimate'.  :brill:

I wish I could find that small spring that 'PINGed' out of eyeshot today though !!  :f:

I managed to find one at a pretty good £££ price.  :moose:

Just wondering whether to break the new ... NO MORE DAMN KITS ! rule though !!  L:

I suppose just 1 more wouldn't hurt, would it ?  ???

That sounds familiar to me ...

... I think I said that last time !  :P

:mex:  Adios for now Amigo !



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