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 Posted: Thu Jun 28th, 2018 03:15 am
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Ken C

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After a spell of home improvement tasks, back to working on the water tanks and Cigar tank car,
redoing the frame for the tank car, will do it in metal (per say aka Evergreen styrene),
using a Bachmann car frame, rather than use a wooden Bachmann Flatcar.

I do have a spare Airfix ? water tank kit in my O2IT collection, for yet another project to be decided later,
need to look through my photos from Central / South America for ideas.
I used the supports from the first tank for a scrap pile.

You can never have enough projects to work on at any given time,
as long as you do not take the important parts from one project to complete another :bang: :bang: been there done that.

Canadian Ken Eh!

Ken Clark

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