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 Posted: Mon Jul 9th, 2018 01:28 pm
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Tony Walsham

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Flattery will get you everywhere Si.

I would caution against Li-Po cells if they are to be permanently mounted in the trail car.
Li-Po cells are rarely fitted with protection pcb's and therefore must be removed for external balance charging.
Personally, I would be sticking with Cylindrical Li-Ion packs.
A 6s1p pack would be a minimum with a suitable protection pcb fitted in the pack. 
They can be left in situ for charging.

Cell capacity is commonly 2,600 mah. Higher capacity cells are generally more expensive.
Beware of unknown brands. Quite often false claims have been made.

To increase run time they can be doubled up depending on space available. That would make a pack 6s2p.
All Li-Ion packs need a smart charger that can handle 6 cells.
They are not so common as 4 cell chargers and as a result cost a bit more.

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