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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2018 01:35 am
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Steve P


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This is where I get confused...

Are these bcm boards used for building battery packs that can be balance charged as a set?

I originally thought they were for protecting the batteries during discharge/use,
perhaps for safety (ie to prevent them from overheating).

I currently plan to install them individually in battery holders inside the boxcar. 
For charging I would remove and place individually into bays of a Li-ion battery charger(s).

I discovered that the charger I ordered, although "6 bay", can only handle 2 26650s at a time. 
Ordered from Amazon Prime, so it will go back without cost to me :2t:

So bottom line, how to properly charge 6 individual 26650s at a time, with a quality charger that will extend their life,
how to properly install/use in a boxcar without creating a safety/fire hazard running thru my forest.

Steve P

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