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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2018 03:08 am
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Hi    Ken  :wave:

Your water tank Thread has got me thinking a bit about ... Water tanks !  :P

I must say that the vintage 'Airfix' kit you used, as you said, could be a 'sensible' BASH size for a smallish 1:35n2 model.

Having said that, I also really like your 'metal' circular water tank build.

And of course, this one of yours as well !  :)

I also like 'wooden' circular water tanks ...

... & for that matter, 'wooden' square truss-rod style tanks, like the Mich.Cal. Lumber Co tank at Camino.

Mmm ...

Decisions ... Decisions !

Thanks to your dimensions from the 'Airfix' water tank kit ...

... I have a paper mock-up on the bench, next to my other models, for a 'look see'.  :)

The really fairly small 'wooden' circular water tanks, used by 'The Gilpin Tram' are also a favorite ...

... model of 'Bonzo' the dog ... Optional !  ;)

In any case, I've got to be careful not to create a MONSTER !  :w:

So def. NO double-deckers for me !!  :shocked:

Small buildings, small locos, small engine-house ... Small water tank ...

... at least that's the theory ? 

All very inspiring stuff though !  :cool:




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