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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2018 10:26 pm
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I've created some confusion here by being too brief. Let's back up a little. There are some options.

With those six batteries, you can make a battery pack like they use for race cars and aircraft; 2 high current wires for running your engine and 7 low current wires for balancing the cells. You would likely need to remove the pack and recharge it with a balance charger, like my Solo 80 or similar.

As you mentioned, you can charge the batteries individually and check each one periodically to be sure they are performing as expected. In this case you won't be balance charging, just monitoring battery performance every 4th or 5th time you recharge. But you'll probably want a couple more battery chargers for convenience.

Another way is to use the previously mentioned BMS protection board. Unfortunately, this board does not seem to balance charge, so periodic checking of the individual batteries is needed (for my 2S setup I have a battery checker that plugs into the balance leads that tells me overall voltage and individual cell voltage; it's good for up to 8 cells). But again, with this protection board, via its 2 main leads, you will want a SPDT or DPDT switch to select battery power for operation or external power for charging. The board specs. tell you the voltage required for charging. I think it's 25.5V, so you will need a source for this voltage for this particular BMS protection board.

I think the best approach for you at this time is getting 2 more chargers and removing the batteries for charging. I don't have any idea how they perform, so don't know how much I can trust these boards with my equipment.

Remember to slow charge for longer battery life and to store unused Li-ions at around 3.5V in a cool environment.


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