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 Posted: Thu Jul 12th, 2018 06:54 pm
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Steve P

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Getting close...

I am using an MTH Track Interface Unit that is rated for 18v nominal, 24v max, 10 amps max  input.
6 x 4.2 = 25.2. TOO MUCH.

So I am thinking about getting one of these:

Setting the output to 22v,
setting the under voltage protection to 20.4v (6 * 3.4v),
and current limit to about 5 amps.
I will also fuse the output where it exits the boxcar.

Does this sound about right?

battery & holders arrived, batteries about 3.6v each,
put together a 6S strip, total 21.8v

Runs my HO BigBoy quite nicely.  :glad:

Steve P

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