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 Posted: Mon Jul 30th, 2018 02:49 am
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There's no layout involved here. I'm building a test track with multiple coil and pcb arrangements as a "proof of concept" type of project. Once I get past this stage, I can focus on how to fit induction charging components in with other locomotive components. 

It looks like I'll need bigger coils which will put them under the rails instead of in-between. This, in part, means revisiting the approach needed for charging, i.e., guided positioning or free positioning. There's a third approach called multiple cooperative flux generation I don't even want to think about.    

For now, I'll have to figure how to get Tx and Rx coils as close together as possible so it works like my static testing did. I've already noticed a peculiarity during the coupling process which might be very problematic. I'll be getting some vendor help next week and will get back...with what I can't say.

Re your overhead charging arrangement, could work, but Rx coil height will vary depending on the type of locomotive. This eliminates a fixed reference point for the Tx coil giving you two height variables instead of one...unless the Tx coil is retractable!


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