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 Posted: Thu Aug 2nd, 2018 06:17 am
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A brief "infrastructure" update...

I finished that small retaining wall that was needed after the old fence was taken out.

It goes down about two and half feet,
and extends under the bottom step of the concrete stairs:

Another bit of recent fence work...

I had an opening put into the wrought iron fence along the front of the layout.
Now there are two entries to the layout, one at each end.

This is much more convenient,
and will also alleviate the bottleneck that forms when we have large groups come to visit:

In the background you can see the new vinyl fence going up the hill.
I used to have a handrail mounted to the posts of the old wooden fence.
I need to figure the best way to mount the handrail to this new fence,
since the posts are hollow PVC.

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