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 Posted: Sun Aug 19th, 2018 06:53 pm
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OK then, a couple of wax factory photos...NOTHING is finished, scenery is roughed-in, and more detailing & etc. needed.

This is a small operation, in 1:35 scale, this would need about half the area of my entire layout! The open air building houses the cut candelaria plants, the big vat is where the plants have the wax separated, the small vat has sulfuric acid (danger!!) which is mixed with the water and makes the wax come out of the plants. The boiler to heat the water has the smokestack, there is a large water tank close by, all connected with pipes. The wax floats on the water and is "scraped"off and put in barrels for shipping. I didn't want a railroad connection but decided that a little dock could be added and then the Silver City's "mysterious" metal boxcar could be used to haul the barrels.

Here you can see the floating wax being scraped off and put into the barrels. I wish that I had room for a 4-vat operation but with most all model structures, "selective compression" or outright shrinking must be used.

And here is the "real estate"...the "Hairpin Curve" from the SCPA&M. It all seems to work out. More photos when I get scenery, etc. done. Now, who was griping about me not showing any photos?
And finally, a real wax factory somewhere in the Big Bend, circa 1917 or so.

Unknown photographer, from Big Bend-Texas' Last Frontier published by the UT Press.

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