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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2018 03:40 am
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Do the DelTang Receivers have reverse polarity protection ??

Mine is a tale of woe and a warning.

My new fit RX62 was playing up, it kept losing the signal and power.
I found out the issue was a bad connection within one of the LiPo's I used in my home made 3 cell pack.
To test my theory I plugged another 1C LiPo into the RX, which was quickly followed by a puff of smoke !

I pulled the pack plug straight away so didn't really notice where the smoke came from, but it doesn't want to work now !
I can't see any burnt components on the board and was hoping it was just the feed wire melting, but alas, she is kaput.

The warning is that the D.C. feeds on the pack I used were reversed.
I have eight LiPo's that came fitted with plugs and half of them were reversed.

The other side of the story was trying to find the standard wiring, ie which plug pin is + & -
I couldn't find anything definitive and looking at pictures showed different arrangements.

I think I have it right, but I do have it to a standard now
(I use the same plug on a few H0 builds)
and will remember to pay attention before I plug in any packs in future.
Wayne from Oz.

Modelling the 3'6" gauge railways of South Australia of course.
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