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 Posted: Tue Sep 11th, 2018 09:29 pm
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Hello Bob,

I use Bachmann's steel rail/black roadbed E-Z Track at our monthly train club meeting, but I felt steel rail would likely disrupt the electromagnetic field between the coils, so I purchased a few pieces of their nickel silver rail/gray roadbed track to minimize this effect.

Yes, I'll basically park the engine on the charging track and switch from run mode to off-charge mode. But I'm working on an idea to turn all power off remotely using my Rx, a servo and a double throw switch. This would eliminate all quiescent current flow and I could forget about battery drain for months. I'll post on this if it works.

As for your O scale engines, I think it can be done now. I think you need at least a 5 Watt system. The charging track shown in the photos has a 2 watt coil which sits under the rails. I need to finish up a 1 watt coil assembly that sits between the rails so I can compare this coil's performance at about rail level with the 2 watt coil sitting 3+mm below the top of the rails.

Hopefully I'll then be able to put together a 3 watt system. It will be for a 2S battery arrangement with balance charge capability. I have the parts, also for 3S, but I have to figure out the wiring. I'll be using Panasonic's 2,000 and 3,400 mAh Li-ion cylindrical batteries, which are my "standard" batteries.

I also have some yet to be used Keeppower 26650, 5,200 mAh batteries for wide body diesels or steam engine tenders. BTW, Samsung's 20700 Li-ion battery is available now with a 4,250 mAh capacity! 



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