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 Posted: Mon Sep 17th, 2018 05:43 am
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I'm sure the 2810 switch would work. I have their 750 power switches which I think does the same thing:  But with the rebuild I'll have a 1S battery management board (BMB) and Pololu's 2116 voltage regulator:  plus the original DelTang Rx61x receiver.

So I'm thinking I need a SPDT switch instead of the SPST switch I was using to direct power from the Rx coil to the BMB when I'm in charge mode, or to the voltage regulator and DelTang Rx from the BMB when I'm in run mode. I have some SPDT mini switches from Miniatronics I plan to use for this. I hope this makes sense.

There's an option to control the SPDT switch with a servo that I'm thinking about, but I am running out of space. LED lighting is a higher priority.

Appreciate you making me aware of the 2810 switch.


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