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 Posted: Thu Sep 27th, 2018 03:14 pm
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" Now, maybe you can help me:

I would love to get eMail notification when there is something new Posted to Threads I want to follow. 

Is there a way to get that done in Freerails ?

How ?

Thank you.

Daniel "

Hi Daniel  :wave:

Yes indeed, there are numerous features to customise the eMails which you receive from Freerails.

At the bottom of each Thread-Page, there is a button called  'WATCH TOPIC'

Hit that button & you will receive an eMail from Freerails each time a new Post is made in that Thread.

There are further eMail customising features available when you hit the  'MENU'  button, at the top of every Freerails Page.

Then hit  'MY ACCOUNT' ...

... where you will see your personal Account settings & preferences buttons & options.

The eMails you choose to get from Freerails can be changed & customised using 3 of the  'MY ACCOUNT'  option buttons ...




On the  'WATCHED TOPICS'  Page, you can manage your choice of which ones send you an eMail when new replies are Posted.

Simply use the 'select / de-select' check-boxes to choose ...

... & then always remember to hit the  'SAVE'  button at the bottom of the Page !

On the  'WATCHED FORUMS'  Page, you can do the same, this time choosing & managing eMails you may wish to receive from an entire Forum ...

... & after choosing any Forums you want to watch, hit the  'SAVE'  button at the bottom of the Page !

The 3rd of the eMail setting options available under the  'MENU'  button, in  'MY ACCOUNT',  is  'PREFERENCES'  ...

... where there are 5 more options you can choose from, including several more eMail choices.

Again, after using the 'select / de-select' check-boxes, hit  'SAVE'  at the bottom of the Page !

So ...

The  'WATCH TOPIC'  button, at the bottom of each Thread, is easy to hit & will get eMails sent to you after using it.

Then managing the eMails you choose to receive from Freerails is easy, after hitting the  'MENU'  button & then  'MY ACCOUNT'  button ...

... then either the  'WATCHED TOPICS'  button, the  'WATCHED FORUMS'  button, or  'PREFERENCES'  button.





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