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 Posted: Sat Sep 29th, 2018 12:18 am
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There are NO "lingering effects" concerning posting connected with the previous Administrations "big crash"

I am not looking for ANY software problems of any type whatsoever since there are NO known problems to look for

The software supplied by Data 1 Systems as far as I know works EXACTLY as it is intended to

Sounds like its a feature of your computer setup

There are literally BILLIONS of different computer & browser combinations possible plus ad blockers etc

There is only ONE server running the Freerails software which operates just fine on numerous known combinations

So if you wish your post to be seen how it is likely to be seen on most peoples UNIQUE computer & browser setup

You can use the main reply window PREVIEW button to see how text & images from your browser will appear in your post

You can also use the EDIT button at any time after posting to change the text & images you have posted

Dont forget that it is the USER which makes the post NOT the software

As you can see there are NO presentation problems with this post

The posting PREVIEW and EDIT buttons are there for a reason




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