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 Posted: Sat Sep 29th, 2018 10:31 pm
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I accidentally highjacked Kyle's thread on his On30 track plan. 
Rather than continue to highjack his thread, I am starting a new thread for my railroad, currently called the Yellow Creek Western.

If you would like more information on it, I have a blog at 
I'm just going to add enough here to give a little background information on what currently exists and where I would like to take the layout. 
I will break this into two posts. The first (this one) will give the background and the second will be the redesign. 

I am hoping to get some feedback like Lee B and KitbashOn30 started to give me on Kyle's thread.

The original layout was called the Summit Ridge Railroad after the name that was on the station. 

It was not designed to be an actual layout but rather part of a Christmas Village display in our living room during the Christmas season.

The layout is roughly 3.5 x 6.5 feet. 
Rather than a simple oval of track, I added a few sidings. 
The idea was that I could switch between a passenger train and a freight train by moving one or the other to a siding,
and to have a few places to park other cars to make it look more like a railroad.

The layout was built on a 1" slab of pink foam and I used some WS 2% risers to add some grades. 
The layout was supposed to be stored most of the year so it was kept fairly thin and light. 
Originally the track was Bachmann EZ track just laid on the board.

The original track plan:

That was quickly changed but I never made a track plan. 
Basically, added some of Bachmann's filler pieces to enlarge the loop, turn it a little more toward the "staging yard" and straightened out the inside siding.

Before I finished the initial landscaping I pulled off the EZ track and ordered some ME On30 code 83 flex and switches. 
I just did not like the look of the HO track and it was obnoxiously loud. 
The sectional look also made it too toy-like for my tastes.

The ME track installed easily. 
I should probably add at this point that other than an N Scale sectional layout-on-a-door built 30 years ago, this was my first layout.

This is a rough approximation of the final trackplan. 
Note that this was done after the fact in AnyRail so it is not exact. 
The trackplan was actually devised real time by fitting flex into the scenery utilizing the areas and ramps from the Bachmann track.

Since this topic area is about layout planning I should add the minimum radius is 15
(except for one tiny spot that is about 14 and 7/8 just to annoy me) 
and the switches are all #5 with servos under layout.

This was how the Christmas Village looked two days before Christmas. 
Much left to be done but...

Since then, I went back and painted/ballasted the track, did more SculptaMoulding, added ground cover etc.

I will follow up with another post that explains where the layout is today and where I would like to take it.



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