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 Posted: Sun Sep 30th, 2018 12:10 am
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The layout was moved to my office after Christmas and never left again. Just too lazy to move it back to the living room. 
After reading many posts about the problems with snow scenes (yellowing, dust and dirt, etc.) we decided to make it Christmas season but not snow covered. 
I puttered at the layout for several years in tiny dibs and drabs probably only a few hours per year and ran it occasionally--and all of the Christmas season.

I eventually added a freight station that was a Rusty Stumps laser kit but I never finished it.

The layout looked like this just before things changed:

The reason I took the photo above was because a friend gave me 2 dozen trees, a 0-4-2 Porter, a Davenport, another Zephyr and 18 pieces of ME On30 code 83 track.

I decided it was time for a change. 
The two spurs that acted as staging were too short, even a few inches longer would have greatly increased their usefulness.  
Their is no passing siding, no escape tracks no way to turn an engine let alone train etc.
This was, and still is, a display layout.

First thing was I decided to move the freight station to the end of the staging area and extend the tracks. 
Then move a depot back to the end of the long inside spur.

My wife mentioned that she liked my building more than the ceramic ones and maybe I should replace the buildings with my own.

5 minutes later:

I needed to add some foam for the new freight station location anyway so I decided to enlarge the layout. 
I built two 8 foot L girders and attached them to the desk frame I was using and moved the layout to one end. 
My first thought was a reverse loop.

It did not take me long to decide it was worse than no reverse loop, at least as configured. 
I also figured out that the height, while fine for a living room display, was too short for a layout. 
I added 1x6 crossbeams to elevate it more and to give me someplace to hang stuff.

I have found out that I enjoy building someone-else's-designed buildings quite a bit, 
so I'm currently playing with building placement and realigning the "street" to handle more normal-sized O scale buildings.

So why am I writing this? 
Well I don't really want to throw this layout away just yet. 
I'm learning a lot from tinkering with it and it has some emotional attachment as well.

I would though like to fix it though and hopefully add a little more than chasing its tail to the layout before I retire it. 
I'd rather not mess with the back half if I can avoid it because getting those switches in where I could actually use the spurs was not easy. 
I played with it quite a few times to get something that worked. 
I will pull up at least the one section of the loop just in front of the small rock between it and the staging spur. 
It is the under-radius spot.

Since I am pulling that up I could pull up the front switch as well. 
I have already pulled up the staging tracks back to the switch and I will pull up the switch. 
I am going to, will attempt to, build FastTrack #4s in the staging area.

While I would love a larger loop (I like the train running while I'm working fairly often so I need a continuous run) I don't see an easy way to do it. 
I am considering just adding an engine terminal in the currently unplanned area.

The short inside spur is currently thought to be a team track and the long one a passenger depot.

Thoughts, suggestions (other than start over)?


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