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 Posted: Sun Sep 30th, 2018 05:06 am
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Tom Harbin


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My wife likes that idea also. 
I can't see a way to make it work in the room I'm currently using however. 

Here is an attempt to show the room:

The green area is the current layout and the yellow area is the currently proposed expansion area. 
The wall that the layout is on is 9'11" long. 
The window goes from about 3' up to about 7'. 
Since it is a south facing wall, the window gets a little warm in the summer so for 9 months of the year I have an insulated curtain that covers it. 
There is also a full slat-fin shade in the window casing that is normally closed. 
Things do not last long exposed directly to the window, even with the shade closed.
There is also a walk in closet door that I forgot to show on the longer of the two short walls opposite the window wall. 
That closet door stays open all of the time to help cool the equipment in it (computers).

For additional information, the largest loco that will run is a Bachmann inside frame 4-4-0. 
I have relegated the Mogul and the 36' passenger cars to a display shelf. 
The coaches will be 22' Mount Blue coaches (one already built). 
I still have the 18' Bachmann freight cars but they have been removed and will be replaced with 14' Chiver's Fineline cars and possibly a few 12' and 14' Silver City cars.
Since both the the passenger and freight cars are close to a scale 6' width, I may use On2 track spacing instead of On30.

The time frame I'm aiming for is the late 1800s, probably around 1880-1885.

Thanks for the input, it is an appealing idea. 
I may move to another room that would allow at least an L-shape but I want to see what I can do with this space before I give up and move.


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