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 Posted: Fri Oct 5th, 2018 08:12 pm
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Steve P

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I just finished installing an outdoor wifi access point for the setup.  Tested and working all around the house and depot area.  Walked up to the future site of the Ogden depot, 450', and was able to ping the engine as it sat on the test track inside the house.  This wifi is a mesh network design, so I should be able to setup up another unit at Ogden and reach all the way to Seattle, another 450'.  I feel a lot better about the wifi portion of the design now.

So on to the next step.  I have a pre-order for an MTH GS-4 placed.  I am thinking about how to get batteries, TIU and WIU into a Coastal Daylight passenger car.  Might try using the GS-4 in DCC mode and using a non-MTH wifi track controller.

Does anyone have experiences with DCC and MTH PS3 engines?

There would be several advantages: smaller sizes, and more importantly compatibility with JMRI.  I am planning on the complete setup using control blocks and interlocking plants.  I want to computerize this all.  JMRI would be a big step in that direction (I think).

Steve P

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