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 Posted: Wed Oct 10th, 2018 10:12 pm
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Keep us posted, Allen.

Today was a weird day.
I had, of course, a lot of pain. Still managed to do 30km on my bicycle. I discovered also the bicycle is paying with the same pain but much worse: it died today so until I manage to buy a new one no more biking.
At the workbench a little more progress. I made the two stone sides for the front of the 'chateau'. I am not sure about their height yet but, since are two blocks of modeled foam, it will be easy to lower then in a moment.
I also added a bit of tal grass to both. The glue must dry so I'll see clearly how they really look in the mporning.
In the mean time you can see what is done

P2070455 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

P2070457 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

P2070458 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

P2070456 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

P2070459 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

Oh, yes: also the two stone stairs at the entrance of the chateau are now done. They need plaster in the jopints and some moss and other details but I'll work all that in the coming days.
P2070460 (2) by Daniel Osvaldo Caso, on Flickr

My bed is asking if I am deaf or what?

See you tomorrow.


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