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 Posted: Tue Oct 16th, 2018 06:37 am
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yeah, Harold's idea is that since almost all narrow gauge in the US was 3ft, the others are a real minority and do not matter so much. I think he got this attitude after a lot of folks bashed on him for using HO track for On30 and was told it was not right. It seems he is giving that right back at 'em. Regardless, I think he has a lot of great ideas for modeling. Personally, like most if not everyone here, I think there is plenty of room for everyone to model however they want. He's also posted a bit on the Bachmann forums about 1/72 scale as well.

55n3 seems a great idea, but I will probably stick with On30 and/or HO for paths of least resistance. After all, my goal is just to model the feel of steam era railroading. I will say the sizes of some commercial items bug me a bit, but I will get over it.

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