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 Posted: Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 01:24 am
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@ Bob

Thanks, I trust you noticed that's a Hobbytown drive.

BTW, I looked back at Posts 10, 11 and 12 and I should have mentioned what you need for charging more than 1 battery. If you include a step-up voltage regulator between the receiver coil and battery management board, you should be all set.

But I'm hung up on that Battery Management Board, so please don't try this right away. I have 2S and 3S BMB's I'm not 100% on how to wire up. I got them on eBay from China. It shows the connections around the board, but I need more info. The power coming to the board for charging the batteries and the power from the board via the batteries use the same 2 connecting points, one positive and one negative.

This makes me wonder if I can operate my engine while I'm charging, or do I need a switch to select one or the other. I've noticed I can use my cell phone while it was charging, also my shaver when it was low and needed charging. If anyone knows the answer, please post!

Another unknown is if I need the exact voltage for charging, or can it be higher. One Li-ion or Lipo needs 4.2V, two of them need 8.4V, three need 12.6V, etc. As an example, if I have two batteries in series, the question is can I use a 9V voltage regulator or do I need to get an adjustable voltage regulator and set it to exactly 8.4V?  Could use some expert opinion here too.

And on that DPDT switch I mentioned earlier, I think one can get away with using a SPDT switch. Actually, I have some SPST center off switches that should work just fine.

So, comments please! we can get this project "back on track"


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