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 Posted: Tue Nov 13th, 2018 04:38 pm
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Reg H

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Making some progress on the mill:

This is the right side wall.  Yes, it is 16" HO.  It is a large building. 

Paint is Badger Tuscan Light Oxide Red, which looks good to me. 
Trying to judge color from an on-line color chart is a bit of a challenge.

I was reluctant to use up any of my Floquil hoard on such a big project.  
I had my reservations about acrylics, having had a very negative experience with Polly S when it first came out.  

This went on great.  It is air-brushed right out of the bottle.  
The only challenge is that my air brush is an upscale Badger "fine".   
It is perfect for fine work, such as weathering, but has a very narrow spread for this kind of work.  
I have a Harbor Freight airbrush which looks to be surprisingly good quality (it was on sale at $9.95), 
but I haven't taken the time to find the right hose fittings for it.  

I keep thinking I am going to spend money on hose and fittings and find out the thing is the piece of junk to which the price attests.  
But we shall see.   It sure looks and feels good.

See all the windows?  There are eight pieces for each window.  It will take awhile.  
The sequence in the instructions has one assembling the wall framing and then applying the sheathing, and then doing the windows.  
I don't think so.  I will be doing all the detail work flat on the bench before assembling the walls.

This is the inside of the wall, showing the framing.  


I used a "honey oak" stain for the framing.  I really like the way it turned out.  
I encountered a "weathered gray" stain while shopping for the oak stain.  
I haven't tried it yet, but am interested in seeing how it compares with my india ink/alcohol standard.

I have a photo of the completed (well, almost. I have some painting to do) foundation.
The foundation was a major project as well as a major learning experience. 

I will provide details when that photo finally wends it's way through cyberspace from my phone to my computer.  


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