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 Posted: Sun Nov 25th, 2018 01:38 am
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Uploading photos is fairly easy, now that I've corrected some mistakes. After a few attempts, you'll be an expert. Here's what I do:

* I upload photos taken with my iPhone to a computer file I call "iPhone Photos".
* I right click the photo(s) then select edit. Then I click on resize.
* There are too many pixels, so I type in half the pixels shown, then click on OK.
* 800 x 600 is a nice size.
* I click on save as and add an a or a -1 to the old number.

* In Freerails I click on menu, then gallery, then upload photos.
* Click on browse, then select the photo(s) you just saved in your computer.
* Click on open and then click on upload. The photo is now in your gallery.
* In the topic area click on reply, then hit return on your keyboard several times to make room for comments above the photo.
* Click on the photo in your gallery that you want to post. This enlarges the photo.
* Right click the photo, select copy, then close (X) the image.
* In your reply box put the cursor on the last comment line, right click, then select paste. The photo should appear.
* Go to the first comment line and type in your comments. That's it.

If this doesn't work, follow Eddie's guidelines and/or read the forum Photo Posting.


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