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 Posted: Sun Nov 25th, 2018 12:44 pm
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" Only one image pasted at a time ? "

Hi Dave 

You can COPY and PASTE as many photos from your Members Gallery window to the Main Reply window as you wish

Just click on the thumbnail of the previously uploaded photo in your Members Gallery window to enlarge it

Then right click on the photo and select COPY

Then back in your browsers Main Reply window tab place the cursor where you want the photo to appear

Then right click again and select PASTE

You can place as many photos as you wish anywhere in your Posts text using this method

Placing the cursor before or after a photo and hitting RETURN can add blank lines before or after photos

You can then hit the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the Main Reply window to see how it all looks

When you are happy with the presentation click POST REPLY as usual to Post it to the board

You can of course also EDIT the resulting Post at any time after Posting it

More photos and text can then be added or removed and presentation changes can be made as well

To remove a photo you do not wish to appear Right Click to highlight it then hit backspace to remove it

This does not remove the photo from your Members Gallery it just removes it from your Post

Hope that helps



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