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 Posted: Sun Nov 25th, 2018 01:19 pm
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Rick Dow

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Hi Rod,

I assume it's Spring in Australia. 

So, the last photo shows a 2 cell Lipo battery powering through a Pololu step-up regulator (small board), 
into the DelTang receiver (larger board), and from there onward to the locomotive's DC motor.

The yellow middle (balancing) wire from the Lipo has been connected directly into your "charging plug", 
and I assume you simply plug your charger into that "charging plug".    

My question is twofold:

1. Do you remove this assembled "package" from the locomotive for the purpose of charging, 
or is this whole arrangement built for the purpose of charging onboard??

2. How is the wiring arranged "to and from" the RED component, 
for the purpose of isolating the charging current away from the two boards while charging??

Thanks, Rod


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