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 Posted: Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 04:39 pm
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Daniel Asselin


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Hy Guys,
Haven't been around for a while now, being newly retired my wife and I have been traveling quite a bit so not much done in my little train world. 
I'm back at it now until January the 15 then we will be leaving for Cuba for 2 months.
Montreal is kinda cold and Cuba kinda warm :).
I hit a snag which I thought would be an easy fix but it is turning out to be a major problem. 
I bought a Rivarossi Heisler a wile back HO scale I was planning to move it to my scale HOn3.
The problem is I can't find HOn3 Heisler trucks anywhere.
I was wondering if anybody here had some for sale or an idea where I could find some.

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