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 Posted: Mon Dec 10th, 2018 10:50 pm
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W C Greene

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Look at what I found in new listings from SQUADRON shop...
I intend to send them some dinero for one or two of these kits!!!

A WW2 US tractor, a 1:35 scale Case VAI to be exact.
I have wanted a tractor or two for my layout for a long time,
yep, there are 1:32 die cast tractors available for $$$$$

But until now, I haven't found one cheap ($25 USD) and this thing can be "modified",
to become the basis for rail tractors and other neat critters.

Kit #THM35001 can be seen on Squadron's website.
I have ordered from them and they get stuff to me quickly.

Imagine using the upper part for the rail tractor, etc.
and having wheels and big tires left over for cool junque.

Or maybe the whole thing rusted out and sitting in a field with a "for sale" sign.
The mind boggles!

So, here is an inexpensive Christmas present that Santa can bring you...


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