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 Posted: Wed Dec 12th, 2018 04:56 pm
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In the January issue of Model Railroader magazine,
"dead rail" operation is listed as one of twenty innovations that have changed the hobby of model railroading.

It states "A relatively new development, whose impact on the hobby has not yet been fully realized,
is radio-control and battery technology."

It concludes by saying
"We can imagine a future where today's standards like power packs and layout wiring are things of the past.

This gives me great pride and joy, having spent 8 years exploring the potential of BPRC,
including 10 clinics for clubs and conventions and 100's of hours operating on home layouts.

Having demonstrated BPRC's ability to provide excellent performance, and work with DCC sound decoders for even better performance,
imv we are close to being on a par with the features that model railroaders truly appreciate.

Work on wireless charging for on-board batteries,
is an additional feature that will enhance prototype operations and is now in the testing stage.

Since manufacturers do not have a market for BPRC,
it seems more likely individuals working with entrepreneurial partners will create the desired market,
to a point where it ultimately has the attention of manufacturers.  

So congratulations to Model Railroader for having BPRC on your list of innovations.

And thanks, Rick, for some forward thinking.


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