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 Posted: Sun Dec 16th, 2018 12:13 pm
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Dave, that should be...digit-all!!!

I model O-scale. 
My old layout was in half my upstairs space, approximately 13x12. 
In January of this year I tore it all down and rebuilt using the entire upstairs space 13x30. 
All 18 of my engines are BPRC and all my equipment still uses 3 rail, Hi-Rail wheels, only the middle rollers are gone.

I have zero wiring on the layout, but I may eventually wire the turntable. 
All turnouts are hand thrown. 
I rebuilt using Mianne bench work, expensive but precise and quick to put together. 
I used Atlas, Micro-Engineering, and Signature Switch track components, plus built 7 turnouts of my own (what a nightmare). 
They work, but I can certainly tell the difference between them and the Signature Switch turnouts and plan on replacing a couple next year.

The track is all in place and I'm running trains to see how the plan is working before I put down any scenery. 
The main loop is smooth as silk.
I have to watch when I go across a couple of my handmade turnouts on the sidings, need to go slow.

I have one area where the aisle width is only 24", but otherwise it's wide open in the center of the room(s).
Here's kinda what it looks like:

The longest siding in the yard can hold 14 boxcars, that's approximately 14 feet.
The curves are 49.5 and 40.5 radius and #6 turnouts, all code 148 rail. 
The Hi-rail wheels have no problem except on my hand built turnouts where some of the spike heads come in contact with the wheels.
That's why I have to go slow in the sidings. 
I'm slowing identifying the culprits and removing or relocating them.

The main loop is .7 scale miles long.

The stairs are in the middle, left side of the diagram. 
The 2 black stripes are walls that I needed to show so the Mianne benchwork would be designed correctly. 
At the head of the stairway is an 8' long shelf, there wasn't enough room to use any benchwork there,
but the shelf is supported at each end, one end attached to the wall and the other attached to the Mianne benchwork. 
The stairs make a right turn at the shelf.

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