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 Posted: Sun Dec 16th, 2018 07:16 pm
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Some time ago, I noticed a GE mining type steeplecab body at Shapeways.
Ordered one of them for inspection.

The designer had intended to put the body on an plain Athearn switcher chassis.
Tried this but found the medium sized switcher trucks unsatisfactory.
They didn't represent well the heavy articulated power trucks of the prototype.

So checked for alternatives.

Found some old Kleinbahn Be4/4 boxcab which looked better.
The weak point is that I had to sacrifice traction effort, with two powered axles only.

Those Kleinbahn boxcabs are strange contraptions;
they actually have an 1'Bo1' arrangement, with the idler trucks guiding the center power truck which is rather loose in the chassis. 

During tinkering with the body, the roof cracked in several places and had to be discarded.

Here at the test drive on the layout, Milwaukee steeplecab placed behind her for comparision. 
These are both serious machines, no trolley stuff.

Shaped a roof from sheet brass,
and soldered attachment points both for the standard pantograph and the two side current collectors to it.

Kennecott used side catenary in the pit to avoid getting in the way of the huge electric shovels which loaded the hoppers.

Painted her similar to Kennecotts motors, but chose to letter her for my own mining company.

Have fun, Gerold

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