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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2018 02:15 am
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Gerold, that's correct. 
Actually the Ruth Pit was at one time the largest pit mine in the world, then of course the pit in Utah eclipsed it by a mile or 30 or 300.  :hyp:

The electrics were only used in McGill, NV at the smelter, to switch the ore cars. 
I believe the two motors in the picture were the only two. 
The one on the right sure looks a lot like yours in shape and appearance.  

The ore was hauled out of the pit by ugly little steamers 0-6-0Ts, marshaled at Ruth, then taken by big 2-8-0s to McGill,
never even really going to Ely itself, except for exchange in the Ore Yard. 
Ely was mostly the operation of the Nevada Northern, a separate operation while owned by the Kennecott people. 

This was done because industrial railroads had different rules than common carriers,
and Nevada Consolidated Copper (the forerunner of the Kennecott operation)
wanted to take full advantage of the lax laws for industry.

Later the ore was hauled out of the pit by GE 70 ton locos, soon replaced by a conveyor or lift for loading cars at the top. 
When tractors/dump trucks got big enough and powerful enough they switched out all rail,
and hauled the ore to reloads on the Nevada Northern ROW and the trains were hauled to the smelter by KCC RS2s primarily.

I just love your motor, you must build some Ingoldsby dump cars for it!  :)

Steven B.
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