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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2018 02:28 am
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Tom Harbin


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I've read several hundred pages of this forum and I've decided to attempt to RC a Bachmann Porter On30 0-4-2.
I have it apart already since I was preparing to install DCC but I think I would rather try BPRC with it.

I know there are lots of inexpensive ways to get into BPRC but I also want to support the manufacturers that are trying to create a market.
I've read lots of the pros and cons here and on other forums.
The nay-sayers sound amazing the same as they did when DCC came out.

I have decided that I want to use either Deltang or S-Cab for my test loco.
Hopefully the system will prove good enough to convert my "fleet" so I would rather try to fix on a particular system.

I really like some of the S-Cab features like the ability to charge from the track
(I was thinking of having a track-powered charging station in an engine house).
What I don't like is its reliance on a DCC board.
I think a lot of what DCC offers is not really needed if we go with RC.
I also think the DCC protocol is slow and inefficient if we start thinking beyond pulsed rail power as the communication medium.

I like the size and features of Deltang and that it has a built in ESC. To me that makes sense.
What slows me down on Deltang is that the S-Cab  "seems--I could be very wrong on this"  to have better battery management.

I'm looking for any input that will help me make a more informed choice.



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