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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2018 03:11 am
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W C Greene

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Howdy Rick, I have written about this before but will spiel a bit again...
almost 20 years ago, my late buddy and I took our r/c On30 lokies for a "tour"of the local hobby shops.
At one, we ran the locos across the glass on top of a display case, the manager remarked-"that's unnatural",
at another we did the same thing and got torches & pitchforks for such "devil-ry",
and at a local HO "club", they didn't want us to run on their layout because
(1) the locos weren't HO but On30..and
(2) our r/c stuff might goof up their DCC stuff and they forbade us from operating the locos.

Lots have changed now, opinions are still pretty negative, but these days the torches have been replaced with tar & feathers!

As Marie Antionette remarked-"Let them clean track!"

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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